3 Websites The Berean in you Needs to see!

The Bereans didn’t just take what they were taught and leave it there. No, they studied God’s word. This is what I hope you will do and to help you here are 3 websites that will help you better study the Bible. Maybe you are a beginner looking for plans, or a teen looking for a specific topic. Check out these 3 websites to bring out the Berean in you.

7 Ways to be Thankful ... Even when you don't feel it

Thanksgiving or not, giving thanks is a part of everyday life. Looking at Scripture, the verses we find in the Bible reminds us to focus on the good, honorable, and lovely. How can we do that if life just doesn’t seem to be going well? | Facebook - www.facebook.com/bereanjournal | Pinterest - www.pinterest.com/bereanjourna