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Oneword365.com presents the idea that we don't need resolutions that we will forget in 3 weeks. Creating lists of "to do", or "not to do" usually don't last long. The challenge is to pick one word that you want to define you and work on that word. I first heard about this and just brushed it off. The reason for such a late start I guess.

Well this week God gave me a word. It is something I have wanted for a while, but never truly defined it. So here I am going to put my word out there.

Free. Yes, I want to be free. So I googled my word to make sure it really was what I wanted. Free is defined on google as an adjective: Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes. Yep! I want to be free.

I know Jesus frees us from our sins, but I want to be free of expectations. Those of myself and others. I want to truly follow Jesus without fear of what others may say or what I feel they will say.

So this year I am going to pray, meditate, and allow God to make me free. When I start to make a decision I am going to not only pray about it, but I am also going to allow God to help me not worry what others may say or think. :-) So I am free.