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God does all things well!

Ona C.Blog
I've been sitting here all morning thinking up blog post ideas then getting distracted and forgetting what they were. So I look at my phone and my daily devotion reminder was up. I've been doing a Tenth Avenue North Devotion from their CD "The Struggle". Today the topic was "You do all things well", those words in themselves when truly believed take you from sorrow to a place of amazing worship. Don't believe me? Try it.

My sister is amazed at my ability to label each week or day with a title. When basically I'm just vocalizing the lessons I'm learning. This week has been the week of fighting demons. Oh, how I have been down this road before. I like many people fight demons quite frequently.

The demons I fight are different each time but usually boil down to my inability to trust God and where he is moving me from to where he is taking me. This week has been slightly different. First I was fighting where God is trying to take me. He is definitely pushing me outside my comfort zone, but just the slight movement and I'm running backwards. So I'm trying to figure out why I am running. Is it my past? While I'm fighting these demons God decides to introduce me to demons another person is fighting.

This seems to be happening more and more through preparation of Lent and during Lent. This year, I am praying for Lent. Not that I don't pray, but I'm spending each day praying for an individual or family. Instead of praying for strength for myself I am praying for others. I am attempting to see people as God see's them. All I see around me is despair that I never saw before.

Well one day this week, while fighting my own fight. Trying to name the reason I keep running from where God is leading, I see someone else. I see their pain and how their past has truly messed them up. I know God wants to see this person move away from their past. He isn't labeling them broken, but blessed. 
Now of all things that is what I see, but their past is hanging there like a stop sign they can't get past. So I spent the day praying for this person. Praying strength and blessing on this person.

Dear Lord, thank you for your grace. Thank you that with you we can move away from our past. Please bless this person. Please take the fears of their past and fears of repeating the same mistakes away. Give this person mercy and grace as they move forward with their life. In Jesus Name, Amen

Now realize this prayer was not only for the person God laid on my heart, but is also for you, and me. May God bless you.