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I've Done to Well...

Ona C.Blog

"We have done to well I guess." - these words were offensive to me. How could anyone say they did to well? Seriously anytime you are serving shouldn't we give God the credit.

While those words were offensive to me, I love the song. I am so tired and worn out. God has been working on me. See many, many moons ago I was at my church and was vacuuming because we were preparing for homecoming. I was the only one in the sanctuary at the moment and while I was pushing the vacuum I asked God why he allowed others rest but not me. Doesn't he say in Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." I was so tired, and I wanted to rest.

You are probably thinking regular tired, but let me explain just how tired I was. I wanted to lay down in front of the alter until I felt rested. You know I wish I would have. It probably would have been an amazingly intimate God moment. One where I fully relied on his promise to give me rest and I am sure I would have received an amazing blessing as well as scaring those working inside the church with me. :-) The last part would have been more for mine and God's entertainment then for my actual rest.

Jesus was trying to call my attention to the fact that I was working, not allowing him to work through me. I forced myself to work so I would be loved by God. Not just God but loved and respected by others. On the outside my life seems perfect. On the inside I was one step away from falling apart.

Lord give me rest, because I am so tired, I have done to well I guess. Wow, I have done to well at holding myself together instead of relying on him to hold me together. I have done so well at making myself seem fine that I'm resenting those people who have started relying on me because they too are tired. Wow, we have done to well we guess.
Those words are no longer offensive to me, they are a plea for rest. A true plea to rely on God.