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Unmerited Favor

Ona C.Blog

Today God decided I once again needed to be reminded of his grace. The odd thing about this is that the grace I saw today was in not grace for me. Maybe that is why I saw it. In seeing it I still saw how much God loves me, and many other people.

Adam and Eve sinned, they believed a lie that there was more to life then what God had given them and had promised. Once they heard that lie it took fold and they wanted the knowledge that eating the fruit would give them. Death in a literal state didn't happen at that moment, but a spiritual death and death of Knowing God's love happened and shame and guilt was introduced. God came looking for his creation his friends and when they admitted what they had done God like any loving parent disciplined them.

Yet, God in his infinite love gave them grace. I'm not talking about the cross. I am talking about that very moment. See God knew the shame would continue to haunt them so he gave them a covering of animal skin.

Isn't that grace at it's fullest, God gave them a covering for the guilt and shame. I heard it put that God isn't fair. I thank God that he isn't fair. Psalms 103! Man is this one of my favorite Psalms at the moment. It talks about how God doesn't give us what our sin deserves. Add that to the idea that we as fleshly humans can give good gifts how much more can God give us good gifts.

Praise God for his grace!