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The Early Church & today

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In the church adult bible study we are working through the book of Acts. This is very interesting because we are learning about the early church. I have found a band or experiment that embodies the ideas of the early church. Remember everything I tell is from an out outside / hearsay position, but everything I have heard about this band just screams early church.

Why, because they aren’t just friends. They have decided to live their faith together. Together they rely on God, write songs, and just live life. One of their songs in particular has really struck me, because of our study through Acts. The song "Build Your Kingdom Here" is almost a prayer. A prayer asking God to inspire and light the church on fire, much like what happened in Acts.

Miracles were happening, people were sharing their faith, and people were following God in droves. This is something that we want. I know I want to see people saved, I want to see revival in me, my church, and this nation I live in. Wow, could you imagine if we came back to God. Loving each other so much that no one had a need. The widows and orphans would be taken care of not forgotten, and we would see lives changed.

Add to that the idea of learning with new ears, and actively searching God while working with our fellow Christians. Sadly, this is not what we see today. We see parents and children being pulled apart and worshiping in different areas of the church. Disagreements in churches over color of the carpet, or music being played. We see children coming to church without their parents and then when they are older not coming at all. God please strengthen us. Revive our land, our churches, and our families. Bring us together for your glory with a vision of what the church should be. We praise you.

Come set Your rule and reign In our hearts again Increase in us we pray Unveil why we're made Come set our hearts ablaze with hope Like wildfire in our very souls Holy Spirit come invade us now We are Your Church We need Your power In us
We seek Your kingdom first We hunger and we thirst Refuse to waste our lives For You're our joy and prize To see the captive hearts released The hurt, the sick, the poor at peace We lay down our lives for heaven's cause We are Your church We pray revive This earth
Build Your kingdom here Let the darkness fear Show Your mighty hand Heal our streets and land Set Your church on fire Win this nation back Change the atmosphere Build Your kingdom here We pray
Unleash Your kingdoms power Reaching the near and far No force of hell can stop Your beauty changing hearts You made us for much more than this Awake the kingdom seed in us Fill us with the strength and love of Christ We are Your church We are the hope On earth - Build Your Kingdom Here by Rend Collective Experiment
 My favorite part is "We seek your kingdom first, we hunger and we thirst, refuse to waste our lives ...
Why is this my favorite part. Because if we seek God he promises he will be found, and if we hunger and thirst he promises we will be filled. I'm not talking about earthly hunger, I am talking spiritual hunger and thirst. So search for God, and his will in our life. Refuse to waste your live, your breath and give God your all.

Dear Lord, please help me and others to seek you. Bring Revival to our spirit, our churches, families, and most of all to our nations. Fill us up. Draw them closer to you. In Jesus Name, Amen