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As a teacher in a small church I have found that I like to write curriculum. Yes, it is a challenge but it forces me to really study. I have always been told you can't teach something you don't know. So I strive to continue to learn.

I have recently started writing curriculum for a class that rotates teachers every week. There are days where I notice that the lesson I write not only is the topic for the students; but the lesson has special meaning for the teacher as well. This is never the intent as each lesson follows some pattern that dictates the upcoming lesson.

Well this week was my turn to teach. As I was writing the lesson I noticed the topic. Have faith, God is taking care of you. Yep, this lesson was for me 100%. I know that God has my back, he also is guiding me down a path I have never been before.

At first I was so scared I prayed for a new path. God is standing their saying, come follow me. I have great plans for you. Plans to offer you a new kind of freedom. Plans for you to be the person I have made you to be. So I stand at the beginning of the path, it leads down into the unknown, but God who has my back is leading me, and who better to protect me as I venture into the unknown.

As the Casting Crowns song goes, "He's already there, at the end of my life..." may God in his infinte mercy, lead and protect me. May I in my yo-yo of faith trust Him, like Peter walking on water, but I pray I don't take my eyes off of Jesus, who walks on water.