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November 10 - 13

Ona C.Blog

November 10 - I am thankful for a church family that understands be rejoice with those who are rejoicing and mourn with those who are in mourning. In doing so we show the love and compassion of Christ.

November 11 - I am thankful for the veterans who put their life on the line for my freedom. I pray for the families whose loved ones never came back, and praise God for being with my family who have been in the armed forces.

November 12 - I am thankful for God's moving in my church. He is truly opening doors for workers.

November 13 - I am thankful for christian music. Christian music is so encouraging and God uses it to speak to me. When I need encouragement I can find it in the songs I surround myself with.

Dear Lord,

I praise you for always being someone I can lean on. I also praise you for using scripture and music to speak to my soul. I thank you for the workers in the church.

In Jesus Name,