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Two falling leafs and an awesome service.

Ona C.Blog

What do two falling leafs and an amazing church service have in common? They are proof that God is moving. When someone asks how do you know there is a God. A common response is I feel him around me, I feel him in the wind as it blows. See God created the  wind, and even when we can't see it we know it is there.

Well today in service we sure felt God, and his love. In Romans we are reminded to rejoice with those who are rejoiceing and we should mourn with those who are mourning. That is how the service started. A newer family requested prayer for a very sad situation. I know because I could feel the sadness in their voice my heart ached for a healing in this area of their lives.

As the service moved forward into people singing specials a song came up that touched the whole congregation. Prayers and time spent with this family reminded us the God's love heals, and there are times where that healing comes through God's people.

We know that Jesus was a compassionate person because of Jesus' ministry. In Matthew 4:23 we read "Jesus went throughout Galilee teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. "

I use the Life Application Bible and it has note in it that says "Jesus was teaching, preaching, and healing. These were the three main aspects of his ministry. Teaching shows Jesus' concern for understanding, preaching shows his concern for commitment; and healing shows his concern for wholeness. His miracles of healing authenticated his teaching and preaching, proving that he truly was from God. "

Jesus' compassion can be seen in his healing the people from disease and sickness. Today his compassion is seen through his people. I praise God that he choices to work through his people.