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Giving Grace

Ona C.Blog

I fell the other day; I fell really hard for the same lie I fell for last time, and the time before that. This lie is a dozie, yet so very basic it eats at me. I wouldn't be surprised if you've fallen for it too.

The lie I'm talking about is the lie that even though God loves me, and gives me what I need. Those things just aren't good enough. I want and want, I want what I can't have, and in reality isn't good for me.

I feel like a kid on the playground. Wishing that the people who have decided that I'm not important would change their mind. If they don't then they are right, and everything that God has said about me is the lie... is it really.

No, my worth is not tied up in those people. My worth is tied up in the creator who bought me with the ultimate price. See this lie is the same one Eve fell for. She fell for the lie that God and all he gives us isn't enough. Here I am sadly doing the same.

The difference, Jesus has bought me, and I receive grace in the middle of my adult sized toddler fit. I have a God who is standing there arms wide open.

Job went through the worst, losing wealth, family, and his friends told him to curse God and die. Yet he stood in his faith.

Sometimes my faith waivers for a season. Yet I give myself grace. Why, because I know that through the good, bad, and extremely ugly I am loved. So today I offer myself grace, praying that when you stand in that garden, and Satan serpent trying to convince you that God is holding back.  Please try to remember that God bought you with a price and that he promises to give you a fish instead of a serpent. For those times when you believe the lie, give yourself grace. It is a freeing gift.