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The perfect man and bff...

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Jesus is the perfect man. I know what your thinking; Jesus was sinless. Yes that is true but not what I said. I said he was the perfect man and the best friend you could ever want.

When Jesus asked a question he listened for the answer. Not like we do. Speed listen if we can call it that. We listen for key words that help us to respond in an appropriate way.

I admit I do this so many times. When I am talking to someone I glean what I need from the conversation and move on. Luckily for me God blessed me with being an audible learner. So I can take a few notes and remember the basis of the conversation. Works like a charm in school but totally stinks when trying to build relationships.

So I need to take a lesson from Jesus, the perfect friend. Jesus didn't see somebody and pull out his God power and know what they needed and give it to them. No, Jesus asked questions. One of these questions seemed odd to me but it was simple. "What do you want". We see this in John 1:38

It wasn't that Jesus didn't know the answer, he wanted to hear the answer, no he wanted to be present for the people to make their own decision. With Jesus we always have to make our own decision. Do we accept his love and grace or do we try to be good and earn it? 

I am glad that  Jesus didn't always answer yes. In Mark 10:35-38, Jesus shows that sometimes what we ask for isn't something we can handle or even what is best for us. John and James asked to be on Jesus right and left side in Heaven. Instead of telling them no, they had the privilege of another question. Can you drink the same cup as me?

When faced with the same question I may long to say yes, but God knows my heart and he knows what is best for me. So when I am tired of fighting I may pray take this cup from me but Good had said time and time again it will better you. So I continue to fight the lies and pain in hope to see a better me. 

I know that I have the perfect friend to give me strength, love and grace. Praise God. 

Dear Lord,

Thank you for knowing what is best. Thank you for listening to me, and pushing me toward better things and complete truth in you. 

In Jesus name,