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Ona C.Blog

She stood there paralyzed in fear as she tried to decide what to do. She tried deep breathing asking for help but to no avail. The advice she got lead to more confusion. Then someone told her to follow her heart. She stopped looked around and without trying to hurt any feelings laughed.

The bible warms us that are hearts shouldn't be trusted, but it also tells us that God will direct our paths. So every direction she looks she wonders if that is the path. Why is God ignoring me. Leaving me at a crossroads, in the hall.

That girl is/was me and she is tired. The door is open but what if..

... What if that isn't what God has for me?

... What if I am walking into danger.

... What if...

I am so tired of what if, and the fear those words cause. When someone said only you can know, I understand fully why. Because only I know the desires God had given me. Only I know what he whispers to me when I pray.

The problem is that I see right and wrong if every area of my life and I don't want to be wrong. God doesn't want me to fear being wrong he wants me to walk this path on this sinful earth. He knows I will wander and fall but he will always be there to pick up the pieces.

I praise God for his grace and love. I will try to hear his voice and ignore the lies I have been told for so long. God loves me. He will protect me.

God loves me, He will protect me.

I can move forward. He is inviting me to a new life.

Dear Lord, please protect me from the lies and walls I have built around myself. Take away my fear. In Jesus name, Amen