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New Beginnings

Ona C.Blog

Yesterday I decided to start new. It is very scary and exhilarating all at the same time This new beginning means two things. 1. I plan to start posting again. (My goal is to make my posts more regular 2 times a month). I'm hoping to pick a specific day to post and work from that. We shall see how this works. 2. I will no longer be posting as Anna Grace. I will be posting under my real name. Ona C. I think that means you need an introduction. So here it goes.

Hello, my name is Ona, and I am unique and crazy person stuck in a stressed out brain. I have a loving family, and a twin sister. My twin and I started working in the church when we turned 18. Wow, I can't even believe that. I started out as a Sunday School Teacher and assisted my sister as the youth leader. We have been doing this so long, I have been appointed as the co-youth leader. Our youth kids love the group and the feeling of belonging so much we have yet to be successful at getting rid of them. We started a young adult group, and then I finally broke.

I had been stressed and neglecting to deal with myself and put effort into my relationship with God. I broke, I decided it was time for a break. Yeah right. I go to a small church, and while I have given up some of my duties, I have never fully walked away. My year is soon to be up and I still don't know fully what I plan to do.

My break really didn't do much to help me put effort into my relationship with God, so I started a scripture journal and a Lent reading plan through you version. So fair it has been going good. Praise God! I hope that you will join me as I continue my journey toward understanding Grace and how much God loves me, one lesson at a time.