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7 Verses to Remind You of God's Faithfulness.

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Confession time. Sometimes I doubt that God is good, and faithful. I just want to give up. I have my little tantrum telling God what He's supposed to be doing in my life.
For those times I have compiled a list of 7 Bible verses that I hope will remind me as well as you that God is good and faithful. We can trust that he will keep his promises to us. Why because he has kept his promises to others and he never changes. Here are a few reminders of God's faithfulness.

9 Then Jacob prayed, “O God of my father Abraham, God of my father Isaac, Lord, you who said to me, ‘Go back to your country and your relatives, and I will make you prosper,’ 10 I am unworthy of all the kindness and faithfulness you have shown your servant. I had only my staff when I crossed this Jordan, but now I have become two camps. 11 Save me, I pray, from the hand of my brother Esau, for I am afraid he will come and attack me, and also the mothers with their children. – Genesis 32:9-11

God was faithful to Jacob, and Jacob reminded God of his faithfulness to help him grow. God will be faithful to you and he will help you to grow in him. He won't leave you to fend for yourself which is what Jacob was praying here.

8 But it was because the Lord loved you and kept the oath he swore to your ancestors that he brought you out with a mighty hand and redeemed you from the land of slavery, from the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt. 9 Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments – Deuteronomy 7:8-9
 God doesn't leave us as slaves, no he sent Jesus to set us free. Not only does he set us free but also keeps his promises to never leave us.

God was faithful in the past and he will be faithful again. When doubt that he is faithful comes; here are 7 verses to remind of his past faithfulness. | Grace 4 Me & U
3 I will proclaim the name of the Lord. Oh, praise the greatness of our God! 4 He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he. – Deuteronomy 32:3-4

God does nothing wrong, he is just and perfect. Yet is also loving and compassionate to our needs. Praise God that he is just but he loves and forgives us despite our failures.

6 “To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless, 27 to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the devious you show yourself shrewd. – 2 Samuel 22:26-27
 God is faithful to those who are faithful. He pours out his love, forgiveness and grace on them. Praise God for this, he is pure and blameless and he makes this known.

God was faithful in the past and he will be faithful again. When doubt that he is faithful comes; here are 7 verses to remind of his past faithfulness.  | Grace 4 Me & U32 “Now therefore, our God, the great God, mighty and awesome, who keeps his covenant of love, do not let all this hardship seem trifling in your eyes—the hardship that has come on us, on our kings and leaders, on our priests and prophets, on our ancestors and all your people, from the days of the kings of Assyria until today. 33 In all that has happened to us, you have remained righteous; you have acted faithfully, while we acted wickedly. – Nehemiah 9:32-33
Yet another reminder that God keeps his promises. He doesn't promise an easy life but he promises that he will keep you in his love.

4 For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does. 5 The Lord loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love. – Psalm 33:4-5
God's word is true and he is faithful. He lavishes us in his unfailing love. He does what he can to show us this love and he stays by our side even when we try to run away.

9 I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. 10 For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.  11 Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth. –Psalms 57:9-11
God's love is pure, amazing and faithful. His faithfulness reaches the skies, it will never end. Rejoice in that no matter what you do, or how far you run he will always be faithful and love you.

If God is the same today, tomorrow and forever we can trust that He will be  faithful to his followers.  I hope that these verses remind you of God's faithfulness when you doubt.

Dear Lord, When I doubt your faithfulness, please remind me that you have always been faithful. Help others who doubt to remember your love and faithfulness. How you are faithful in your own timing. In Jesus Name, Amen