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Praise God in Song - Dream For You

Ona C.Blog
My life seems to be a fight between dreams and my hope and then it falls to reality. I see just how far off those dreams and hopes are from a reality and that it would take a miracle for me to see them come true. So I have a bad tendency of failing to dream. When I catch myself hoping for things that don't seem to fit, I remind myself that high hopes in my life lead to greater disappointments. 

I didn't make it to church yesterday morning. I hadn't been feeling well and was completely exhausted. I have Stage Hop on the Roku. Since I didn't go to church I was able to replay an old Night of Joy, and I choose to watch the Casting Crown concert. It was from their Thrive CD and I heard a new song. 

As the first Monday Song - I would like to remind you that God has dreams for your life, one that will give you hope. So as we begin living fearlessly, let's dare to say yes to the dreams God has for you. 
Do you have a song or Bible Verse that reminds you to allow God to dream for you?