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Happy 2016: For Fresh starts;Start here!

Ona C.Blog

2015 has gone and 2016 is finally here. I have dreaded this moment, I have been excited for this moment; but, it doesn't matter how I feel it is here.

I hope that you made the most of 2015 and if you didn't then don't fear. 2016 is ready for you and God to conquer. This year I plan to live fearlessly. Next week I will explain my thoughts on this in more detail.

As I start the new year I want to let you know what I am changing.

1. Praise God in songs

Every Monday I plan to post a song. Songs lead us to worship God, and He deserves our worship no matter the good or bad that is going on in our life.

2. Weekly Post

My normal end of the week post will continue. It is what pushes me to knowledge, it pushes me to continue. On those days where I want to give up, I want to drop blogging and just walk away, it keeps me accountable. Some may say I'm looking for an audience of 1, God. I seek to please God, but I write for you and me while the numbers may not be my pushing force, I know that there are people out there who need to know how much God loves them. This means that I will keep writing.

3. Scripture Journal - Writing / Drawing through scripture

I am looking forward to adding scripture journaling (writing / drawing). I am still working on how this will look. I hope to learn from the past and help us build a community who can and will learn together. Drawing on the Holy Spirit to lead and teach us. Helping each one of you to learn to hear his voice when he speaks, and in the silence not to give up.

So these are my blogging goals for 2016. Tune in next week for my goals outside of blogging and how I plan to live fearlessly. I hope you will join me and live fearlessly and in God's grace and love as we start this great day.

Meet me in the comments and tell me: What goals are you working on in 2016? What would like to see from Grace 4 Me & U in 2016?