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Music Monday - If we are the Body

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There are layers to being a Christian. It all starts with Jesus.

The physician came not for the healthy but the sick. Have you heard this before? It reminds me that Jesus didn't come for the righteous, but for those who know they need him.

The next layer is us, as we are made right, in the eyes of God. God reached out to us with Jesus, and Jesus reached out not just to us, but to those in need. They knew he was compassionate to their needs so they sought him out.

As a Christian, I too should be compassionate to those around me, and should reach out to them.

This weeks song beckons us to be the hands and feet of Christ.

But if we are the body

Why aren't His arms reaching?

Why aren't His hands healing?

Why aren't His words teaching?

And if we are the body

Why aren't His feet going?

Why is His love not showing them there is a way?

There is a way