5 awesome apps to Unlock the Berean in you!

I'm at work and out and about more then I am home. Sometimes I carry my Bible around with me, but other times I just don't have enough arms. The small one I carried in my purse is losing pages so I can't take it with me anymore.

Whether you are a beginner, women or teen, here are 5 of the best Free Apps for Bible Study. Some have reading plans and topics to guide your study of the Scriptures. 

As a Berean I have found that my phone is easy to carry. Not only is it easy to carry, I can actually carry more in my phone than ever could in my purse or even in my arms. So I want to introduce you to 5 apps that I think will help you get closer to that steak.  

  • Bible App - from Live Church

Number 1 is the Bible App from Live Church. This app allows you to flip between Bible versions quickly. That is important if you don't understand something. It also allows you to download your favorite versions so you don't have to be connected to the Internet. What I really like about it is that it brings in the social aspect. You can add friends and see what plans your friends are reading, what verses they are highlighting, and notes they are taking about what they are learning. They also allow you to make shareable verses right in the app that you can then share to Facebook or Instagram.  

Website with a link to all of their apps.

  • Blue Letter Bible

Number 2 is the Blue Letter Bible. The Blue Letter Bible has a website that allows you to really study the Word. I mean that in two ways. This app allows you access to commentaries to help you understand what you are reading. It also allows you access to the Strongs Greek & Hebrew Dictionary / Concordance. Yep, so you don't know what a word means? Well, this app allows you to find it. 

Whether you are a beginner, women or teen, here are 5 of the best Free Apps for Bible Study. Some have reading plans and topics to guide your study of the Scriptures. 

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  • Inductive Bible Study 

Bereans don't just blindly follow what they are taught. They study God's word for two reasons. 1) To know God, and 2) To know when they are being taught correctly or incorrectly. Inductive Bible Study (IBS) wants you to fill it in as you study. Not only can you make notes about what you're reading but you can also give chapters and Bible verses themes.   

Website with a link to all of their apps

  • And Bible

And Bible is very similar to Blue Letter Bible. So why would I want to put it on the list, if it is similar to another one on the list.? Well, I'm glad you asked. The biggest is that everything is downloaded. So you can download your Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, and books. You don't need data after you have finished downloading, which means no matter where you are you can study your Bible. I hope you will take a look at the And Bible. 

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  • Evernote

Bereans will benefit from taking notes while they listen to sermons and other Bible teachings. Evernote allows you to create folders that can be labeled for topics, or services, or teachers. Not only can you put your questions, because Evernote syncs with your computer you can even put the answers when you study your questions. Evernote also allows searching making it even easier to find answers to questions you may have had before. 

Website with links to download on your computer & mobile

Bereans need access to their Bibles, but carrying around a Bible all the time, with these phone  apps you can study your Bible whether you are at lunch or waiting for the doctor. Not only that but you can also actually study the questions you have without carrying a backpack full of dictionaries and concordances. 

I am always looking for Bible Apps, so if you have an app you recommend I want to hear about it. Tell me about it in the comment section