Created to name, not define...

Created to name, not define...

Today is #FiveMinuteFriday and I am going to join in. The word is Define.

As my first #FiveMinuteFriday I may ramble, sorry if that happens.

Define and Go.

Names don't define you

Created to name, not define...

When God created the world, He gave man (Adam) a task. This task was simple, okay maybe not. But this task was to give everything a name. Adam even named his wife.

The story continues on, with this task moving forward until one day a sly serpent sneaks in and starts telling lies. Eve fell for it, Adam fell for it, and this was the infamous fall. 

Adam and Eve continued naming, they named their children. How else do I know they continued their naming? It is because we still do it to this day. We name people, that is the pastor, that is the secretary, that is the soccer mom. 

Shakespear reminds us "Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?" Yes, a rose called scissors would still smell just as sweet. This is because the name doesn't define us. 

If a name doesn't define us then who does? Well, that would be Jesus. Jesus defines us with one word. Beloved. Remember that whatever others call you, you are loved, and you are the beloved of Jesus.


Wow, 5 minutes go by fast. 

Hopefully, my first Five Minute Friday touches you, and remind you that you are Loved, no matter what others say. God the creator should have the final say. 

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