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This comes from Paul encountering the Berean’s who took what Paul was teaching and verified it in the scripture. (Acts 17:11) This is something that we should be doing because the Bible also reminds us that people will come seeking to pull us away from God. (Matthew 24:4-11) So I am going to stick with this Bible Study process.

So welcome to The Berean Journal. Our mission statement will be:


Mission Statement:

The Berean Journal is here to showcase truths found in God’s word about God’s love, grace and forgiveness…


Vision Statement:

… by matching everyday experiences with the lessons in the Bible.


I really hope you will join me, and that you will gain a passion for reading and studying God’s word. 

Since the goal it to focus on the truth found in God's word, our song for today is a prayer for God to open our hearts to Him. So join me in this song and this prayer. 

Ready to check out ...

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The Berean Journal

Are you a Berean? Searching God's word for answers to your biggest questions? Why not join me as I study and see what God is showing me.

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